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Audiences Around The Country Are Getting High Off Of Weeds

Audiences Around The Country Are Getting High Off Of Weeds

While cable stations continue to roll out different shows each and every season, the premium channels seem to have a more consistent roster of programs that remains a staple of the channel year in and year out.  For example, HBO continued to air episodes of Sex and The City and The Sopranos for many years before dropping the final curtain on them.  These shows were synonymous with HBO, and when people thought of HBO they thought of these shows.  Such a powerful relationship between a program and a channel rarely exists when dealing with the basic cable networks such as NBC, ABC and CBS.  This is not to say that those channels do not provide audiences with memorable programming, but rather that the shows that they broadcast are not emblematic of the network they are aired on.  With HBO and Showtime (channels you can option to purchase with a cable or a satellite TV connection) the programs they broadcast are intertwined with the reputation of the network.  Sex, drugs, violence seem to be constant themes throughout all of these premium channels’ programs, and audiences have come to expect them to follow this trend.

One of Showtime’s most popular shows currently on the air is Weeds.  This show focused around a suburban family in California who is supposed to look and act just like everybody else in their neighborhood and town.  The mother works, the kids play sports, and they all gather around the dinner table every night.  However, the mother and main character, Nancy, is actually a drug dealer, supplying the entire town – kids, adults, doctors, and housewives – with (as the title of the show might give indication) weed, or marijuana.  The show is a comedy that turns the life of this unusual family upside down time and time again.  With Nancy constantly getting into small bits of trouble, and seeming to find a way to work herself out of it, her two sons and brother-in-law spend most of their time fighting her battles and getting themselves into and out of their own sorts of trouble as well.  While the show is undoubtedly a comedy, there is also plenty of drama involved on a week-to-week, episode-by-episode basis.  As any drug dealing mother can tell you, it is not as easy as it may look: there are cops and rival dealers to have to deal with, not to mention running a family and spending the rest of your time trying to make sure that nobody finds out exactly what it is you are up to.

With the money Nancy makes, she spends most of it on her family.  She is not the type of drug dealer that most audiences might assume, buying big flat screen high definition televisions, cars, and jewelry.  No, Nancy is a mother first and a drug dealer second, which adds to the overall comedy and appeal of the show.  However, just like the rest of the roster, Weeds has its share of sex thrown into the mix as well.  While Nancy is a widow, she finds herself ample opportunities to meet men and begin relationships with them.  With drugs, violence and sex all staples of the show, Weeds surely follows the recipe of Showtime programs and has found success and popularity along the way as well.

While Weeds is available on both cable and satellite TV connections, there is even more of this type of programming when you switch over to Direct TV.  So call your local provider and tell them you are ready to start taking advantage of DirecTV Packages right away.

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