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Can Homemade Skin Care Products Be As Effective As Retail Ones?

Can Homemade Skin Care Products Be As Effective As Retail Ones?

In this day and age, the era of self medication has really turned a blind corner and leapt off the cliff. Now everyone claims to be an expert in some medical field and has some ingredient that they say can save lives. Flashbacks to the days when Canadians would picket outside the house of parliament demanding that the medical use of marijuana be recognised – while manufacturers of hemp would look on in amusement now appear to me like a normal day in the park. Unless you have a medical degree in dermatology, no one and I mean no one should even be trying their hand at home made skin care products. Grandma looked good because she was born in a time when the world’s atmosphere wasn’t inundated with a 70% acidity level, where CO2 wasn’t slowly taking over O2 as air we are breathing and where chemical factories and their chimneys were not pumping more than a million natural and synthetic toxins into our atmosphere. Grandma looked good because the world was good, not because of her secret recipe gumbo that doubled as skin cream.
Always be wary of those people who try to sell their home made skin cream because you are dealing with your skin. Yes it re-generates but there are only so many layers possible in the skin to refresh itself. How beautiful or attractive you look also depends on the condition of the skin so are you going to trust it with some home made product you have never heard of? Remedies which are brewed in the kitchens of houses should not be placed on the same level as retail ones. The retail skin care products have gone through a battery of scientific research, a host of FDA approval checks and gone through countless tests and retests. The final product is clean and approved, with ingredients used for safe consumption. One other thing you have to be aware of is the fact that home made skin creams don’t have a US FDA approved list of ingredients written in a neat black and white sticker on the back. This is bad for two reasons. You can’t check the ingredients being used and you cannot be sure if anything is being held back from you. This secret ingredient could be fatal and trigger a rash or reaction that could land you in a hospital bed looking like a porcupine that fought with a lobster.
To say that they are affective, there has not been a report of a ‘home sourced’ skin cream being anywhere remotely effective. Don’t be fooled. Sitting out there isn’t some genius dermatologist of the century with the secret formula for immortality. Don’t believe the hype. It does not exist. Always trust the brands and the advice of the dermatologist. To answer the question posed at first, ‘Can homemade skin care products be as effective as retail ones?’ -the answer is no. Would you go to a tool shed to do a triple bypass? Then you have your answer as well. If you must have a home made solution, then go only to trusted sources that only promote the use of all natural ingredients. That is the only way you can be sure of a safe and secure way to treat your skin problems.

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