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Government is to controlling!? yes or no and why?

Government is to controlling!? yes or no and why?

okay Gov these days are just way out of whack thank you Bush!! Not a pot head but i think they should legalize some of this stuff, then maybe we would have less crime, i’m serious, they could control the usage like tobacco, and less crime by sellers, getting their territory, killing over dope money. so much violence over this. Gay rights, im not gay but who are you to judge? yes it doesn’t say in the bible and im a Christian, but someone obviously made them like that hmmm wonder who….. Work ages, okay soem mature more than others, Age is like your shoe size, might be bigger, but still hurts like hell when you get kicked. to many immigrants in are jails, who cares if they are over here, i bet they have built more than 1/3 of are houses and environment. they should be praised, yes learn some damn English. Look if you are going to base this country around a bible you need to respect others not of color, never see them walkin up to a white guy asking if they are a mexican. what you think

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