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Has marijuana messed up anyone else’s life?

Has marijuana messed up anyone else’s life?

Been smoking for 3 years about. I am stopping pretty soon due to it’s effects on my life. I have lots of college obligations and family obligations, and I find it hard to meet any of these while stoned on high quality weed. Even when I have tried stopping for weeks at a time, I still feel perma-high. I hate it. Weed has caused me to go from a college student majoring in chemistry and on track to go into pharmacy, to nothing. I’m working on getting my life back on track now. Maybe it’s just me, and I’m sure some people will be like WTF WEED DOES NOTHING TO ME, but I think it totally depends on how the person is wired in their brain. Any stories or similar experiences? I’m stopping smoking this week, and it’s really hard. Anyone who’s tried quitting before knows what I mean. I don’t want any comments about how you’ve been smoking for years and had no problems. I want to hear some similar stories or experiences so I can relate. Thanks!

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