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Marijuana Vs Alcohol – Who is still debating this?

Marijuana Vs Alcohol – Who is still debating this?

While the legal gap decreases with every state victory, there remains a prevalent misconception that marijuana is a more dangerous substance than alcohol. This error can be pinned on misinforming education and years of lobby backed propaganda, although finding the root of the sentiment solves nothing. To reform national sentiment, we must educate it. Removing all cultural and legal biases, an examination of the relative effects of marijuana and alcohol reveals that alcohol is substantially more destructive in nearly every personal arena.

Physical Effects Marijuana Vs Alcohol

The easiest aspect to prove is the physical. While alcohol deteriorates inner organs and leads to reduced brain function, there are no permanent effects attributed to marijuana consumption. The expansion of brain neurons, resulting in lowered short term memory, and the loss of lung capacity are both resolved after a detoxification period. Additionally, there is heretofore no definitive evidence that cannabis usage leads to cancer. Alcohol, on the other hand, has a potent impact on the body, contributing to higher rates of cancer and speeding up the timetable of other degenerative diseases.

Marijuana Vs Alcohol Addiction

An individual cannot develop a physical dependency to marijuana, unlike alcohol. What can develop, however, is a psychological or emotional dependency. As both substances have a transcendent element, habitual users seek chemical escape from their daily lives. While every individual’s unique brain chemistry will process the agent differently, alcohol tends to magnify emotional wounds as marijuana numbs them. Neither is a wholly healthy form of release, but marijuana produces less destructive habitual users.

Social Impact Marijuana Vs Alcohol

The social impact is far clearer. Behavior and usage can be in part attributed to legality, but in general, cannabis is consumed in smaller groups in private residences, typically followed by engaging mass media or a comparably benign pursuit. In contrast, alcohol is taken back en masse in streets and bars, often accompanied by boisterous behavior, indecency, and mistaken actions. The rate at which alcohol blurs judgment is far greater than marijuana’s, leading to greater degrees of depravity.

Perhaps most importantly given our nation’s high occurrence of chemical overdoses and alcohol poisonings, cannabis cannot kill you. The amount of THC necessary for an overdose is well past the realm of physical possibility, particularly when smoked. In the binge heavy youth culture, where competitive consumption will always occur, it would be safer to power down bong loads than drain beer funnels.

When legality is no longer a distinction, marijuana will be the safer choice of substance in every aspect.

What is your take on marijuana vs alcohol? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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