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Medical Marijuana Grow op. 2010 June 16th nor cal

Medical Marijuana Grow op. 2010 June 16th nor cal

In order of movie: first plant: purple hot wheels (0:01-0:23) second: purple hot wheel(0:24-0:29) third: Grape Ape(0:37-0:46) Fourth: Pineapple punch (In pot) Fifth: Bubllegum, Green crack #1(0:58-1:07) Sixth: Purple Trainwreck (1:09-1:19) Seventh: Bubblegum # 5 (1:20-1:22) Eighth: Bubblegum # 4 (1:22-1:23) ninth: Bubblegum #3(1:24-1:25) tenth: Bubblegum # 2(1:25-1:26) eleventh: Pineapple Express (In corner, 1:27-1:40)) twelth: Mendo Purp (1:43-1:55) thirteenth: Afgran, (Afgan crossed with Grandady Purps) – (1:58-2:11) Babies in pots: Kryptonite (2:22-2:26) This is very rare that plants are this big so early, the plants have been in a room with a high presure sodim light and then we put them outdoors in the first week of may. Every 10-15 days we will update.

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