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What is a Medical Marijuana Doctor?

What is a Medical Marijuana Doctor?

Rampant in our collective consciousness is a pervasive distrust for certain occupations. Certainly there are some jobs like salesperson, lawyer, mechanic, etc., that command little respect from people. Increasingly, doctors are being added to this list. Many are seen as untrustworthy purveyors of pharmaceuticals drugs and invasive surgery. And doctor errors account among the highest causes of premature death in this country.

Certainly there are good lawyers, salespeople, and doctors in the world. Though how on earth can we identify those with high integrity? When it comes to personal health, a good relationship with a doctor is one of our best assets. So how do we find a medical-marijuana doctor we can trust and ask questions? And more specifically, what qualifies a doctor to step outside the traditional western pharmaceutical box and prescribe cannabis of all things?

What Kind of Doctor Prescribes Marijuana?

Every doctor who prescribes medical cannabis has his/her own story of why they do what they do, and why they support medical marijuana. A medical marijuana doctor can be any doctor licensed to practice medicine if in a state where medical marijuana is legal. Many medical marijuana doctors are taking the role of counselor and holistic guide, and increasingly are not the ones taking your temperature, weight, or practicing physical medicine.

What to Say at to get a Medical Marijuana Card from a Doctor

Basically, you must show up with medical records of your illness and sit with your medical marijuana doctor for a consultation while they review your records. You will likely be asked to describe your symptoms and daily habits etc., and the doctor will determine whether a medical marijuana recommendation is right for you. They may also make dietary and lifestyle recommendations. The point is after all, to get better and not just mask the symptoms.

This can be said about medical marijuana doctors at large: they are interested not only in alleviating discomfort and reducing symptoms; they also desire to guide us to genuine health and wellness. All we have to do is be forthright and honest with them and ourselves, and possess an enthusiasm by knowing that things can and will get better. This frankness and honesty with your medical marijuana doctor will show them you really do wish to get better. And this will help you get the medicine and wisdom you need to be healthy and thrive.

That so many medical marijuana doctors genuinely desire our wellness, speaks volumes about their true compassion. They represent their profession from a more comprehensive view of the human condition and do not reduce people by categorizing them by their symptoms. There is a deep human bond among the medical marijuana doctors practicing in California, and for the most part they are exceptions to the rule that labels their profession bad.

If you are afflicted with a malady that does not respond to traditional allopathic medicine, or worse, it does but with damaging side effects, the answer may be cannabis. The one to best determine if it is right for you is your medical marijuana doctor.

How to Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor

There are many resources on the internet that can help you find a legitimate medical marijuana doctor in your area.

Here are a few websites to help get you started:




Share with us your experience with medical marijuana doctors in the comments below. Have you had positive experiences with MMJ doctors? 

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