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Are there any cops who think marijuana should be legalized?

Are there any cops who think marijuana should be legalized?

Of course you have to obey and enforce current laws. But, surely there are some laws even cops don’t agree with.

Alcohol vs. weed:

People tend to be more violent and retarded when drunk.

While driving on marijuana is arguably a bad idea, the impairment is nowhere near as severe as with alcohol.

It is much easier to die from being too drunk than smoking your brains out.

Anyone that argues it is a gateway should also advocate the illegalization of alcohol and tobacco to be consistent.

It would take much more abuse to cause damage to your body.

I have many more, but my brain is fried…From studying, not smokin’. Officers, your thoughts are welcome.
Law above all. Can you offer any counterpoints to mine then?
Citicop, I didn’t post any stats. This is mostly common knowledge…and personal experience.
Thanks Acid..
You reminded me of another great point. Something I never mentioned was my fiance is on a drug task force. They spend so much time going after pot, which robs their time and budget from combatting the hard stuff.

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