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Bamboo Clothes: Sustainable, Organic, Comfortable and Stylish

Bamboo Clothes: Sustainable, Organic, Comfortable and Stylish

Three has never been much of a choice when it comes to buying eco friendly clothes. Traditionally, organic and green clothing has always been a little twee, many of it made from uncomfortable fibres such as hemp.

Things have got slightly better in recent years and there is now quite a range or organic cotton clothing, such as organic t shirts. But cotton is no suitable to manufacture thicker types of clothing and products such as sweater’s or towels.

Thankfully, a sustainable and stylish natural fibre is available abundance in the shape of bamboo. Believe it or not, bamboo is one of the most flexible natural fibres and it has some amazing properties that make it ideal for clothing such as bamboo activewear.

Bamboo is themosensitive, this means the fibres naturally maintain a steady temperature. In the summer they allow the air to penetrate through the clothing while in the winter they help keep the warmth in.

Bamboo clothing is also incredibly soft and comfortable. Even for activities where comfort is paramount, bamboo is ideal and it is often worn in as yoga wear, as it allows freedom of movement.

It can also be fashioned into household linen. Bamboo towels are incredibly soft and are able to absorb moisture far better than conventional bath towel fabrics.

What’s more, as bamboo is a grass and one of the fastest growing plants on earth, you know its sustainable and allows you to shop for clothes without a guilty conscience and allow you to still remain stylish.

Richard N Williams is interested in green innovations and writes about them. Please visit our website if you are interested in bamboo clothes or other eco-friendly products.

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