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Best Temperature For Volcano Vaporizer

Best Temperature For Volcano Vaporizer

The most common question medicinla marijuana users have about using a volcano vaporizer is what is the best temperature. Having spent the last several years studying the issue of Volcano Vaporizer temperatures here’s some of my brief findings

Different marijuana strains boil at different temperatures.

Determining the best temperature for your medicine in a Volcano Vaporizer isn’t that difficult. You should see a light mist that gradually grows denser with each filling. Generally speaking the first bag is the lightest. The middle bags, most often, two, three and sometimes four are the best.

Sativa marijuana strains which are great at motivating people who are suffering from depression with their energetic uplifting marijuana high boil or vaporizer at much lower temperature than indica marijuana types.

Sativa weed strains such as Haze, Arjan Haze, Skunk, and Power Plant are some examples of marijuana strains that vaporize at low temperature.

Through numerous tests on different types of marijuana (pure Sativa 80%) my preferred temperature for sativa marijuana in a Volcano Vaporizer is 396F.

Sativa cannabis strains boil at lower temperatures because their trichomes are much more delicate than their indica counterparts.

Indica marijuana strains, which are amazing cannabis strains for people who suffer consistent pain (known oddly enough as chronic) require a higher Volcano Vaporizer temperature to boil a perfect bag.

The best temperature for indica marijuana types is 409F.

A Digital Volcano Vaporizer makes playing with different temperatures fun and exciting.

A marijuana vaporizer is the best method to use medicnal marijuana. They eliminate almost all the harmful side effects associated with medicinla marijuana.

Matt Mernahuana is an experienced weed writer. He blogs daily on his website Mernagh and edits a marijuana wikipedia MarijuanaTipster.

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