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Can you be arrested for having a tattoo of something illegal?

Can you be arrested for having a tattoo of something illegal?

I am trying to settle a debate, I am tempted to call a laywer over this, but it’s night time and I’m bored, and I don’t want to bother a lawyer that I don’t intend on using in real life, so I figure I’d ask this here.

Here is the scenario, there is a guy-or girl, whatever, he is wearing a picture of a potleaf on his shirt, or he has a tattoo of a maijuana leaf on his arm, he is even signed up for high times magazine or signed up on some social online forum somewhere that advocates marijuana.

Keep in mind that this guy has never been caught smoking marijuana, he has never told anyone he in fact does smoke marijuana, this guy just says he wants to help make it legal or something.

Someone has a grudge against this guy, say an angry ex gf or maybe even a pissed off best friend, so they think they can get revenge by calling the police on this guy for “supposedly smoking pot”

Can this guy get arrested just for being under suspicion with no evidence whatsoever to suggest this guy smokes pot?.

Let’s look at a different ending to that scenario, the guy is walking down the street and a police officer spots the pot leaf tattoo on his arm and stops him, the guy is totally fine, he’s not high, he has no pot, but the cop still arrests him under suspicion, is this possible?

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