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Dancing in the Politics ? Legalizing Marijuana to Improve Lives of Millions

Dancing in the Politics ? Legalizing Marijuana to Improve Lives of Millions

The active ingredient in marijuana, appears to reduce tumor growth, according to a Spanish study published on Wednesday. The researchers showed THC give mice cancer reduced the tumor growth and killed cells in a process called off autophagy. “The results that support safe, therapeutically effective doses of THC can be reached in cancer patients,” reported Guillermo Velasco of the University Complutense in Madrid and his colleagues in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. Other research has shown benefits to avert such as Alzheimer’s disease and doctors treat many view as a valuable opportunity for THC, weight loss associated with AIDS, nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy in cancer patients. Velasco and his team, the study included an analysis of two tumors from two people with a very aggressive brain tumor, which showed signs of autophagy after receiving THC. the researchers said the results the way for cannabinoid-based drugs to treat cancer may pave. It was made clear by President Obama’s Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowaske, which relate to the federal government position. Gil is said: “marijuana is dangerous and has no curative effect,” and that “legalization is not in the vocabulary of the President, and it is not mine.” When will the ignorance stop? You concerned about the gang activity throughout the United States, are legalizing marijuana would virtually banish gang funds from marijuana. Several car companies like BMW use hemp are door panels, but it is illegal to grow hemp in the United States. Instead of importing millions of hemp, and give millions of farmers in the bread basket not pay for plants to grow, we are unable to grow fields of marijuana and hemp, to help not only the economy but also the environment. Hemp can be used in thousands of industrial, marijuana can lower costs for health care, and possibly also in many other diseases / illnesses be helpful. Instead of feeding the people arrogant statements about the legalization of marijuana, do look at the facts and what is right our country. It is a sort of disgust to think that not only our political consultants, financial advisers and economic advisers, but the President of the United States is also in the politics of legalization of marijuana, that they do not take the time to look the facts caught. Studies done done about the toxins in marijuana on samples that were all the leaves, stems and seeds. So naturally, the toxins would be similar to cigarettes. Until the government gives us real test provides, it is difficult to obtain stable housing. Looking around the market, everyone seems convinced that they have ADD, ADHD, anxiety or some sort of depression. If you take a second look at using the side effects of each medication for this fairy tale terms, you will see things as nausea, vomiting, depression, anxiety, active conduct, suicidal thoughts and acts of aggression or anger. Now we take a look at the side effects of smoking from an evaporator, or THC consumption is hungry, happy and sleepy. THC is the only substance known to cause nausea, while simultaneously causing the cure hunger. Studies in mice and rats shows that the feeling of hunger such as marijuana is done from the silent phase of your life, are natural, endogenous cannabinoids in the breast milk consumed and delivered to the natural cannabinoid receptors found in almost all mammals. Just as the smoking of marijuana has caused this, so eat the emotional and physical ability, comes into play. As we look to recent studies done on THC and cancer, we note, tumors and cancer cells is reduced if not eliminated. While we dance in the policy of legalization of marijuana … could be why it is so difficult to use marijuana and hemp to a demanding level of this country accept revolutionize. Instead of taxing the shit out of Americans responsible for this country lives, tax hemp and marijuana like alcohol, earned millions and save the environment and improving the quality of life of millions. Using hemp for paper, clothing and ropes but the environment would help considerably. As far as recreational use of marijuana, the only side effects are moderate, if anything, a little euphoria never hurt anyone.

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