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Do you support legalizing marijuana?

Do you support legalizing marijuana?

Just wanting to gauge how the Y!A community feels about the issue. I think it’s going to be legalized, eventually. It is increasingly popular among the younger generations and only getting more popular. I thought I’d write out a little pros and cons list.


WE CAN TAX IT!!! Lot’s of tax money, if we tax it at even close to the rate of cigarretes we will be getting billions every year just from the taxes.

Less strain on the prison system. We can get all those people out of prison who got caught smoking a joint, because they definitely deserve to be there. It will also reduce costs of our courts having to prosecute these people.

We can regulate it. Greatly increasing the safety of it, making sure it isn’t laced with anything and also making sure it isn’t coming from Mexico where people are being killed just to bring the drug to the states as well as making sure you have to be carded like cigarettes

More jobs will be produced, from jobs on farms producing marijuana, to large companies like Camel selling marijuana to local shops like we see in California


Greater availability of a mind altering drug.

If you have more cons let me know my mind kind of went blank. I thought I had more cons than just that. Also please keep the discussion civil and don’t try to propagate marijuana myth like marijuana causing schizophrenia or something else the cops lied to you about in DARE.

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