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Does this sound like Pot or Salvia?

Does this sound like Pot or Salvia?

Yesterday, I smoked with my step brother and his friend. He bought some stuff off of his other friend, but apparently, the seller didn’t know what it was. We assumed it was weed, but, this felt like no other weed experience I’ve ever had.
Let me tell you what happened.
First, I was sitting at my computer, and for about ten minutes I thought I was sleeping.
I felt like I was fading in and out, and my vision was twisting, and it felt like I was floating.
I was numb, as well. I was seeing random things, as well, and i dont remember hallucinating ever on weed before.
I saw colorful things, and I was stressed, and scared shit.
This lasted about 4 hours.
I described this to a few of my friends, and one of my friends parents, and they all said it sounds like I was smoking Salvia.
What do you think?

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