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Drug testing w/ Labcorp and LexisNexis: How to disclose prescriptions?

Drug testing w/ Labcorp and LexisNexis: How to disclose prescriptions?

I gave a urine sample to LabCorp today for pre-employment screening. A LexisNexis lab a few hundred miles away is the MRO. I have prescriptions for medications that will probably show up on the test (not marijuana), which I take or have taken as prescribed at therapeutic doses. Neither the medication nor the conditions for which it was prescribed affects my ability to perform the job for which I am applying. I was not asked to disclose my medications before or after giving the sample. No one at the LabCorp facility had any knowledge of the verification procedure and LexisNexis doesn’t answer the phone on the weekends. My questions are:

Will LexisNexis contact me regarding a positive result and offer me the opportunity to verify my prescriptions? Or will they immediately report the positive result to the employer?

What form of proof would they accept? I can’t travel all the way to the physical address of the MRO with the prescription bottles, although I do have all of them.

Do I ask the prescribing doctors to fax me HIPAA authorizations and send it back to them, whereupon they fax or mail copies of the prescriptions to the MRO?

Should I get a dispensing history from the relevant pharmacies?

Or is there something else I should be doing now?

Thanks for your time.

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