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Hair Drug Testing: Accurate and Effective

Hair Drug Testing: Accurate and Effective

Many companies require a drug test when hiring a new employee. They may require it instead of or alongside of a background check. This ensures companies that they are getting an employee that is reliable. However, while most utilize urine drug testing, many have not caught on to the effective and accurate method of hair drug testing that would provide them a much better view of an individual. The bottom line is that the traditional forms of drug testing are not going to provide information on a very long period of time. For example, with urine most drugs are only detectable for a few days after their use. While there are some drugs that may be detected past this time frame, it is possible that the drug would pass out of the body quickly and be undetected by the test. While many companies combat this by having employees take the test within 24 or 48 hours it is still not foolproof. In comparison, a hair drug test is going to provide a 90 day history of the applicant’s drug habits. This can be tested with 1.5 inches of hair. It is amazing that the hairs on our head hold so much information. While head hair is preferable, it is even possible for hair on other areas of the body to be used. It is remarkable that this information is simply hidden inside the follicles of our hair and can be pulled out at any time.A hair drug test screens for the same drugs that a urine test screens for. When the lab tests for drugs through this method they would typically remove about 40-50 strands. This may seem like a lot but it is really a small amount of hair. I’m sure it will grow back quickly!The great thing about using a hair drug test is that it could be potentially used in random drug pools to be a more accurate indication of an individual’s drug use, especially when a company or position has a strict anti-drug policy. Generally speaking random drug pools are used in very safety sensitive positions and other positions that require people to be in tip top condition at all times. By utilizing this type of test they are going to get more accurate results that will potentially help keep more individuals off drugs and weed out those individuals that are getting away with using on the job. Drug testing accuracy is really based on the technology that is used for the test. It is also dependent upon the skills of the organization you use for processing the drug screens. This makes it very important to research and understand the company you are utilizing for your drug screening procedures. Further, proper handling of all samples is very important as is the processing of the samples. Work with a well-known and professional company to achieve the best results. Often times the nature of the drugs themselves will sway the results as the chemical nature varies widely for each drug. As companies look for ways to hire the best employees they may start to have stricter standards when it comes to background check procedures and drug screens. Perhaps hair drug testing will be the new way to go. Perhaps we can say goodbye to the little cup we think of so fondly when we enter our local drug testing facility and say hello to a nice new pair of shears. Only time will tell.

About the Author: Rebecca Beckett is a freelance writer for Innuity. If you would like more information about hair drug testing go to Trimega

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