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Health Questions & Answers

Health Questions & Answers

What cause thread worms within children? i know if they itch when they have them they attain the eggs under their nail and then put their fingers within their mouth the process starts all over agin, but how do they carry them to start with? Threadworms are usually passed on through poor hygiene. If…I’ve met some obstacle next to trying to become a nurse, could you give support to me?I am trying to become a nurse in the United Kingdom but I’ve met some obstacle. My problem is that I’m from Belgium and that the tuition will on be payed by the NHS if I’ve lived within the…Why does my shin hurt?i own chondromolacia or however the heck you spell that contained by my right knees and my shin hurts pretty unpromising i don’t even know if my knees have anything to do next to it but the backache contained by my shin comes in side its strange it feel approaching cramping…My basic examine is? why is it that when i want to post a legit question just about a personal issue on the HEALTH page, it gets taken stale. i have asked a amazingly real, intensely scary , and yes somewhat “icky” press on the HEALTH page but those are my symptoms, what can i…Is have a sensitive mouth common? My husband can’t open his mouth too huge, and when he blows his nose too much he feel like vomiting. We visit his doctor not too long ago, and when the doctor put the wooden stick in his mouth to check his throat my husband required to vomit….How do u know when u enjoy a hernia? hurts just above rib round up above stomach and every time i sneeze or blow nose hurts really desperate or inhail a deep breath! A hernia usually cause a bulge in the belly button or lower within the groin area/folds between body and leg, or…Why does sleep deprovation produce diarrhea?I mostly don’t function ably at adjectives if i miss a night sleep and when i hit 24 hours awake unanimously experiance 2-3 almost imediatly successive trips to the toilet, i expect it stops here because i’m worthless. when i eventually win a night sleep i unanimously wont want to…Poooooooooooooooooooooooooot?constipation. it sucks becasue everytime you own to bring a crap you hold to bring a sibling in the bathroom near you and own them squeeze your paw while you also try and squeeze it out. but it’s kinda embarresing cuz my brothers 8 and i’m 13 and my 16 year ripened sis say ewww…I enjoy this problem where on earth I play next to and pick at the snake of my ear. Does anyone else do this?It’s similar to relations who can’t stop pulling their spine out. I totally cannot stop, which is freaky realize that I’m not surrounded by 100% control of my body. …Quick Question, when you stand up to in haste? Know when you stand up to fast & verbs. Well why is it that when i stand up, not even to fast purely stand up, i black out for close to 10 seconds, and instead of black, its approaching honeycombs… its like pale, and i get…Should I, or should i Not filch the Meds..? Ok, well i simply went to the doctors for some medical problem, and they said that wasnt it. They said i hold a VERY high smooth of depression. Should i get meds? idk i May inevitability them because right now i purely feel close to crap….What is a tantric manipulate…Has anyone experience this.? All I know is it is a road of bringing on pleasure in men and women. at hand are various books written on the subject, and it’s adjectives over the network. it is supposed to bring on communication between mind, body, and spirit. I’ve…Why am I contained by such backache?I woke up today and I be completely tired and sore. I did nought yesterday that would own made me this sore. Could I hold slept funny? My fund hurts, my legs hurt(right more than left), my nouns hurts. What could be the lead to…Ok yoga quiz! is cool read it even if your not yoga soul!?ok i hear in the region of this what do you suppose? you streach your toung so you can put it up inside you snout the spinal column agency..you own to bend it around olden your little “waddler” . resembling fold it stern…Nitroglycerin, when it give you a headache? My mother told me that IF it gives you a headache that manner YOU DO “NOT” NEED IT! I am not sure, is this correct? As I know it gives me a headache sometimes, I figure it means that I did not use ENOUGH. ( the ER they…Im going to be 16 surrounded by 2months and im merely 5’6.5, how much taller will i grow? No one here can answer that for you but it’s likely you won’t grow much if anymore at your age. Your parents will be a worthy way to guess your rank but will not dictate…What is biddable to munch through for breakfast when your sick? The medicines that I am taking require me to devour before consuming. What should I get through in the morning up to that time taking my meds? I am all congested, lots of mucus surrounded by my throat, nose and chest so nil that…Is smiling honourable for your strength? very well near is a posability, because if you smile and you meen it or you can guffaw it boosts your imune system. If you enjoy ever see patch adams what the movie is trying to make out is true hilarity is the best pills, most of the…What happen when you stop smoking pot for a few months after heavily using it for a year or two?Do you start to mull over clearer and seize out of the little hazy-minded marijuana fog and adjectives that? Is the newfound sobriety truly better or what? Who here have quit it after smoking everyday for…How can i procure dandruff past its sell-by date? well the motivation of why i am asking this question is because i enjoy alittle alot of dandruff /flakes and i dont know how to get them bad so please tell me how to embezzle them off””PPLEASE AND ONTHER QUESTION IF YOU CAN ANSWER WHY DO…Extra Virgin Olive Oil for BAD BREATH? I heard you can use extra virgin olive grease to get rid of unpromising breath, but do you drink it or just use it as mouth bathe? Good oral hygiene-brushing and flossing and regular dental visits work best! No comment on the “extra virgin..”-First time I’ve come…Complaints?Does anyone else suffer from nausea from the flashing ad that show up at the top of Yahoo page? I certainly procure physically below par from them. It’s not the Ads that bother me it’s the constant flashing of them. Am I the single one near this lacklustre stomach? Can the flashing be stopped? My…What muscles benifit most from doing push ups? The pectoralis central, primarily one call the “pecs” or as I approaching to refer to them “the tarzans.” Your chest muscles and consequently your triceps which are located on the spinal column of your arms. Nose Bleeds And Mucus?I acquire nosebleeds every 2 days and I other own a stuffy trunk. I usually blow out my Mucus if in that’s too much, but for I freshly swallow it 🙂 for me to carry rid of antenna bleeds I budge to the sink and blow that bloody booger out, or if…Cost to repair acne scar? I had acne before in duration and now I want to win some of the scars removed on my obverse. I have one roomy recessed scar on my disappeared cheek (approximately 2-3mm) that I would like repaired. I also hold about 5-6 small recessed scar on both cheeks. There is…Normal Low Temp of 96… currently at 98.12.. restlessness?? I have a conventional body temperature of around 96 something, but I feel reheat and have a temp of around 98.12 today.. I own earaches, muscle aches, sore throat, congestion.. the works.. could I possibly own a low grade hallucination? If you know for…Can hyperthyriodism gun down a entity? My friend has tol me they enjoy hyperthyriodism and that it can kill. Am wondering if this is possible and also if it is posible to know how long a human being has to live. I read somewhere that it can exterminate but not sure if that is true….Why are mosquito bites itchy? When the mosquito stabs her needle-like mouthparts through the skin of her martyr, she injects her saliva — teeming next to digestive enzymes and anticoagulants. The first time a personage is bitten, nearby is no allergic reaction. With subsequent bites, the individual become sensitized to the foreign proteins, and small,…10 years ago my small intestines be cut by the seatbelt and be supposed to die, after operation every yearI enjoy no stomach muscles. I own mesh surrounded by my stomach. I own other have to almost every twelve months enjoy my mesh operate on as it breaks initiate and I look close to…Auditory drug effects? Anyone heard of sounds that will lead to effects similar to certain drugs? I’ve listen to one of them on a friends iPod, but not really sure if they work, as i only listen for about a minute or two, and wasn’t really relaxed or focused or anything. I hold… More Health questions please visit : HealthFreeFAQ.com


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