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How do you arrange an interview with a pot farmer?

How do you arrange an interview with a pot farmer?

I know, it sounds like a really stupid question for obvious reasons. But I’m writing a book that takes place in Humboldt County, the main character goes to work on his uncle’s farm for a summer, which turns out to be a pot farm.

So for the sake of realism in the story, i’d like to get a feel of what a large-scale, outdoor grow op is really like. And the most obvious way to do that is to interview an actual pot grower.

The difficulty with doing this is that no pot farmer in his right mind would respond to a craig’s list ad or host a website set up to arrange tours for the obvious fact that any federal officer could “arrange an interview” and waltz right in and arrest the guy.

So as I asked before; is there any other way that I could get ahold of a pot farmer for the sake of an interview and tour of their farm?
Please, please, please…im begging you not to waste my time with an answer that doesn’t help.

please don’t leave any opinions or irrelevant comments. i just want answers, not your personal imput on the matter.
Exactly what Indieman said. There are documentaries that interview licensed pot farmers all the time, i just want to know HOW they do it.

He’s not the f*cking idiot that i need not pay any attention to, he’s the only one whose come up with a constructive suggestion.

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