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How to Smoke Marijuana – 8 Different Ways

How to Smoke Marijuana – 8 Different Ways

There are several different ways to get stoned, right? Yes! You can use in a number of ways, anything from a joint, blunt, bong, pipe vaporizer, to hookahs, etc. If there are no papers or paraphernalia then you can always use an apple or a coke can to smoke out of too!

Here are 8 different ways to smoke marijuana:

1. Smoking a joint

Smoking a joint is still the preferred method of getting high. People have used ZigZag papers (or similar brands) to roll and smoke the marijuana for years. Use rolling papers, able fingers and viola – a joint! Joints bring people together when used in a social situation. For instance, traditionally joints are lit and passed around at concerts. Folks have smoked at concerts for years since the 1960s.

2. Blunts

This marijuana “cigar” begins with emptying the tobacco out so that all of the tobacco is gone. Then replace the nicotine with the marijuana. Blunts entered the marijuana cultural in the 1980s but they are much different than smoking a joint. This is a different kind of high since the mix of tobacco and the bud are paired. This way makes non-smokers dizzy from the use of tobacco. For a blunt you roll using a Cigar paper.

3. Bongs

Bongs are useful tools at a social gathering for about six to seven people all sitting around the coffee table passing the bong along. Everyone has their turn at the bowl and POW! The hit is powerful and everyone ends up coughing and laughing. The bong is plastic or glass. You can fill with water or ice for the “mentholated” hit.

4. Vaporizers

Vaporizers are quite intriguing. By now, everyone has heard about or smoked weed via the “Volcano.” What’s even newer, however, is the vaporizer pen! Rather inconspicuous and a good way to get high without the usual apparatus that goes with smoking.

5. The Pipe

The pipe finds you. Check out American Peruvian-born author Carlos Castaneda. He wrote the series of “The Teaching of Don Juan” in1968 to back this fact. Castaneda explores the shamanism side and the significance thereof. This is a must read for the whole series of books. The other nice thing about a pipe is the portability; you can bring most anywhere and a conveniently. Having a pipe is also easy to share too.
Water pipes offer the same kinda hit that a bong does.

6. Apples

Yup! Begin with coring the apple from the top and down to other end. Then create a hole on the side intersecting with the bottom of the partially cored apple. Put the weed in the apple and find a light….and suddenly magic apples!

7. Coca Cola

The cans are equally fabulous and easily used as well. Simply bend the coke can horizontally in the middle of the can. Puncture a few holes in the bottom bent part of the can then add the dope. Begin by putting your mouth over the open tab and light, toke and hit.

8. Hookahs

Hookahs have become the socially acceptable way to get high these days. There are hookah bars around the San Francisco Bay Area that are quite trendy. But by now many of us have purchased this device or know someone who has one. The hookah takes smoking pot to a whole another level. Tobacco is mixed with the herb to maximize the high. Think of this device as a mellower version of the bong.

Let me know what your preferred method of getting high is!

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