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I would like to know everyone’s opinion on Marijuana?

I would like to know everyone’s opinion on Marijuana?

Talking about any type of consumption in general. Mainly looking for people against it. I would like to know why your against it (other than its illegal)..but if that’s the only reason why, then did you honestly do your research on why it is illegal….because in MY opinion, I would assume anyone knowing the TRUE facts about this plant and government involvement with it, that they wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. I love talking to people on this subject…I don’t advocate children being involved, or trying to change someone’s stance from UNKNOWN to POTHEAD…because I believe in staying clean because in all sad reality, “it is the law.” But, the people against it MUST state their opinion to me and be very clear on why, so that I can have a healthy debate…..Thank you!
Everyone saying it’s illegal because it is bad for you ( Do some research because, I’m sorry to say, your embarrassing me just having idiots say dumb stuff on my post. Read Juans post….duh!)

And second, only dumb people are dumb and idiotic when high, that’s not the weed my fellow internet goers….I think you just need a new friend!

and just because it’s illegal its bad (lol) our government is always right, pffff…..RESEARCH>>>RESEARCH RESEARCH…….no, it couldnt be anything to do with how we, white people, were mean to black people?
And if it happens to damage your life, friends or family. Don’t blame the weed….its your fault. because if it were the weeds fault then those donuts that americans eat daily would be illegal too. and the cigarrettes people die on daily or even the alcohol you drank the other night while driving down the road…..where your accidently killed the family in the oncoming lane. you have the POWER….thats why children shouldnt be smoking! its used as a tool.

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