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If You are Seeking Treatment for Pcp Addiction, Florida Pcp Rehab is Where You Should Head To

If You are Seeking Treatment for Pcp Addiction, Florida Pcp Rehab is Where You Should Head To

For PCP addicts in the state of Florida, a Florida drug treatment center is the best choice for beating the addiction. Much like any drug or substance abuse, PCP addiction slowly, but surely, destroys the body and the mind of the person. If you are ready to get help for PCP addiction, Florida PCP rehab can help you when you are ready. This white crystalline powder (in pure form) is an addictive drug. Though the main purpose of developing PCP or Phenyl Cyclohexyl Piperidine was to create an anesthetic, today PCP is used to other nefarious reasons. When in 1959, Parke-Davis developed this synthetic drug, little was known about its mind altering properties. However, once this fact was established, it was found unsuitable for people and was permitted to be used by veterinarians only. By 1960s it could be obtained as pills, though it didn’t become popular as a drug until 1970s, by when it was available in powder form and thus could be smoked, snorted, or injected.What is PCP?PCP or phencyclidine is a synthetically developed drug. It was first made available in 1950s to be used as an anesthetic. However, because patients complained about addiction, agitation, delusions, and other symptoms it was discontinued. PCP, in pure form, is a white colored powder. It is easily soluble in alcohol or water and can often be identified because of its distinctive sour chemical taste. Today, PCP is mixed with dyes and sold in the illegal drug market in form of tablets, pills, capsules, and different colored powders. Some of PCP’s many street names include “angel dust”, “wack”, “rocket fuel,” and “ozone.” Oftentimes, PCP is combined with marijuana to create a drug known as “Killer joints” and “crystal super-grass.” This range of street names for this drug indicates the often bizarre and unpredictable effects warranted by use of this drug. If PCP is used for a period of time, it leads to PCP addiction. PCP addiction can be dangerous and you must check into a known Florida PCP rehab center or Florida drug treatment center to overcome this addiction.   PCP AddictionAs mentioned above, PCP is very addictive. Most often regular PCP use leads to addiction that induces symptoms such as cravings and a neurotic desire for this drug. However, it is also seen that if people use PCP knowingly once, they won’t use it again. But many others use PCP as it ‘makes’ them feel powerful, strong, invulnerable, and the numbing effect it has on their minds. PCP TreatmentAt a Florida drug treatment center your PCP addiction can be treated under expert medical supervision. The drug’s disastrous psychological effects are seldom a pleasant sight and addicts undergoing treatment for addiction often turn suicidal or violent when they can’t have their next dose. Those undergoing treatment for PCP addiction at Florida PCP rehab must never be left alone!The Effects of PCPSome of the physiological effects related to PCP abuse are:1.    Increased breathing 2.    Significantly higher BP and Pulse3.    Shallow Breathing4.    Excessive Sweating5.    Muscular coordination LossHowever, excessive or large doses of PCP can lead to 1.    Vomiting2.    Nausea3.    Sudden drop in BP, Pulse, and breathing rate4.    Drooling5.    DizzinessRemember, PCP addiction can and MUST be treated only at a good PCP rehab. Florida residents must choose a reputable Florida drug treatment center or Florida PCP rehab for their loved one.

Have you considered a Florida PCP Rehab ? You can get yourself treated and get rid of the dependency on PCP by entering a program at a good Florida drug treatment center to ensure that you start living a healthy and normal life.

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