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Illegal to Destroy Paper Money ? But Legal to Destroy Marijuana Money

Illegal to Destroy Paper Money ? But Legal to Destroy Marijuana Money

The haul: 150-200,000 plants, up to two-and-one-half tons of marijuana, sling-baled and lifted out by helicopter, 4-600 pounds per load.  Plants range from knee-high to chest-high. All are bushy; typical, agents say, of Mexican-grown marijuana. Jordan places the street value at well more than $100 million. The cost of this entire operation to seize $100 million dollars in marijuana, one can only fathom.  Officers think they are actually serving and protecting the community in these situations but they are only adding to the black market economy, rather than our own.

“DEA will no longer raid medical marijuana outlets.” said Barack Obama (Inauguration).  September 10th, 2009; Authorities say 31 people have been arrested in a sting that targeted medical marijuana distributors in San Diego County. Just another raid conducted after Obama’s inauguration, when will it stop? The facts are in and marijuana’s benefit on a medical community is very promising. From cancers to multiple sclerosis marijuana seems to aid, reducing tumor growth to just the simplicity of enjoying the every day things.

As we cross into the economical benefit of legalizing marijuana we begin to see green, and I’m not talking about marijuana, I’m talking about money! Marijuana and hemp are both HUGE cash crops that can be taxed like alcohol bringing in billions of dollars. Officers in California, the nation’s biggest hotbeds for marijuana production, have chopped down plants with a combined street value of around $12 billion in the first eight months of this year. While national numbers aren’t yet available this year, officers around the country increased their haul from 7 million plants in 2007 to 8 million in 2008. What a waste of time, money, and effort. TAX IT! Instead of spending billions on preventing marijuana use, billions on eliminating marijuana grows, billions on jail systems and court fees, but instead, make money by simply taxing it.

Just like the TARP bailout (October 3rd, 2008) Obama must do this in order to protect our National Security against the invasion of this country by Mexican Drug Cartels that have infiltrated over 230 major American cities. By doing these two things the Drug Cartels will be destroyed within weeks without the expenditure of any further blood or treasure, on the part of the American People. You see each year the Mexican Drug Cartels grow ever more dangerous because Marijuana Prohibition constitutes nearly 70 percent of their annual drug profits: about 27 Billion dollars each year. So by simply allowing adult Americans to “grow their own” Marijuana the Mexican Drug Cartels will cease to exist and we can focus on other more serious socio-economic issues.

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