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marijuana legalization versus other legalizations?

marijuana legalization versus other legalizations?

I have a question that just occurred to me today.

I hear SO many people (i.e. on the radio, on television, young people being interviewed, high school kids in my neighborhood, etc. etc.) endorsing the passage of California Proposition 19 to legalize marijuana.

Well, if they’re going to do that, why not legalize the cultivation of opium poppy plants, so that patients and others suffering from various ailments can benefit from opium???

Now don’t get me wrong…….i’m not talking about morphine or heroin……..Not that very many people would know how to attempt the complicated process of turning it into morphine anyway.

But any idiot knows that opium is a much better painkiller than pot, whether it’s “medical” or not. Many people smoke marijuana as often as others use opium frequently (Asia)

(I’m not talking about morphine, heroin, or even vicodin-oxy)

Personally, I’m ambivalent on the marijuana legalization issue, and I certainly wouldn’t want opium-based products legalized. But it seems like it’s either hypocritical or perhaps something that would be more consistent, since after all poppies are “all-natural”, the argument pot smokers use to justify the plant.
some of the points you made about pot also apply to opium: “natural” …..”enjoyable to use recreationally”…..actually, opium directly from the poppy pod is VERY difficult top overdose on…….you can OD on whisky faster than on OPIUM!
“If it turns out opium IS as safe as marijuana, then I would support legalization.” GOOD, because it IS safe!…”there are a lot of meds that are opium deriviatives already”..remember,I said that i don’t mean”derivatives”…”Big pharma doesnt have patents driving up the price of morphine and oxy”.. to repeat, i am NOT talking about these addicitive/deadly drugs.”Marijuana is safer than a lot of the drugs that are legal over the counter”.you are right on that point! Robitussion and NyQuil = BAD.only idiots buy and use that stuff for fun..”Its NOT because its all natural. Lots of all natural things are not safe.”..there are many ppl who claim that pot is safe to smoke because it is a “natural plant” but so is hemlock i wouldn’t recommend using hemlock..”caffeine is more dangerous but legal”…coffee is not as dangerous as pot or opium or OTCs…”are not screaming that opium can never be medicine”..opium=medicine..”Opium isnt driving a war on drugs”….umm, go to Mexico some time and see

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