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Medical Marijuana Facts: 10 Things You Oughta Know!

Medical Marijuana Facts: 10 Things You Oughta Know!

With an overwhelming and growing number of medical marijuana supporters, many people still have negative thoughts about marijuana. We feel like this stems from lack of education. So we created the:

Top 10 Medical Marijuana Facts that You Oughta Know!

#1. Marijuana is the third most popular recreational drug in the US, behind tobacco and alcohol, and is used by nearly 100 million Americans.

#2. Beyond recreational use, marijuana is a clinically proven aide against various medical issues, including pain, nausea, glaucoma, movement disorders and even cancer.

#3. Marijuana is a valid form of psychiatric treatment, with patients finding relief from anxiety, depression, appetite loss, insomnia, and various other mental ailments.

#4. Currently, 18 states have legalized medical marijuana use.

#5. Enforcing marijuana prohibition costs taxpayers an estimated $10 billion dollars annually.

#6. Replacing marijuana prohibition with a legalized system of taxation and regulation would produce combined savings and tax revenues between $10 and $14 billion dollars (this includes the projected amount saved from housing prisoners for marijuana based offenses).

#7. Various parts of the hemp plant can be utilized for industrial use, including textiles, paper, paint, clothing, plastics, cosmetics and other products.

#8. The hemp plant is currently harvested for commercial purposes in over 30 nations, including Canada, Japan and the European Union.

#9. Each year, approximately 98% of all the marijuana eliminated by the DEA’s “Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Program” is actually hemp.

#10. Though the DEA will argue otherwise, the list of health organizations who support the medical legalization of marijuana is widespread throughout the world, including the AIDS Action Council, American Public Health Association, French Health Ministry and many others.


NORML website, as well as here: http://www.prohibitioncosts.org/


What marijuana facts do you have? Please share in the comments below.

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