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My money is gone. my roommate is a known thief. What do I do?

My money is gone. my roommate is a known thief. What do I do?

I had my purse lying on the table when I can home last night. Earlier that day I went to buy something at the pharmacy, I check my wallet and notice I only have one sinlge $50 bill. I could of sworn I had two equaling $100. I shrugged it off thinking I must have spent it. I spend exactly $5 and get back two $20 and a $5 bill. This morning I go to buy a cup of coffee. and all I have is a $20 bill.
I live 5 other roommates. I trust every single one of them with my life, except one that just moved in. He’s been arrested for heroin, marijuana,and been accused of stealing numerous times.
I’m currently an hour away from home, absolutely fuming, and I don’t know what to do.
Of course, I’m going to confront him, but he’s just going to deny it.
and then what if, I’m wrong? That would be the absolute worst.
I can’t just kick him out, the other four would have to agree with me.
Which they probably would if one of the other four wasn’t his older sister.

That’s my story. Now what do I do????
Edit: I’m not calling the police. I am entirely anti-police. Also there is not enough proof to do so.
There are other various reason, but police are not coming to my house.

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