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proposition 19 and marijuana?

proposition 19 and marijuana?

what are your thoughts and feelings toward California’s proposition 19 and or your thoughts and feelings towards marijuana. To all you haters, listen.
there has never been one freaking reported case of someone being addicted to marijuana, if it didn’t have coc or tobacco mixed with it.
also. never been one report of anyone O.D’ing from it, lastly, no one has ever died from it.
also, if it were legalized, in California alone, it would benefit the economy by 20 BILLION dollars every YEAR. vegetables get 7 billion a year. cannabis is the #1 cash crop in America.
so learn you idiots. learn.
speakin of alcohol, this is exactly like alcohol prohibition. when it was outlawed, people still wanted to drink it. just like people want to use marijuana today. also, there would be an age limit. 21. because if teens use marijuana before their brain is fully developed, their brain cells would die.

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