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Right now I have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do!?

Right now I have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do!?

And by right now I mean this whole summer!
What can I do I am so bored all the time, there is nothing for me to do… I am turning 18 shortly and I don’t have a license until then so I can’t get out of the house past 7 and I have to be back by 10pm because my parents just don’t let me out (that is why I don’t have a social life….), all my friends’ numbers were deleted( I only had like 2 friends that I use to hang out with and they both live together and I don’t like them so I will find new friends when I move) I will move in like 2-5 weeks so I can’t find a job or keep myself busy. I am tired of playing basketball by myself and there is nothing on my house to entertain myself with since I am poor… Only TV and I hate the television because that is the only thing my father does when he comes from work…

What can I do? I have nothing to do and this is doing something on my life… I will have to keep myself busy by causing trouble or by doing weed I guess! I have tried pot and hookah once and I loved it so I will find pot sellers in the area and keep myself busy by being a stoner until I get out of this….
I cannot get a job because am moving… The time I look for one and I get job interviewed I’ll already be moving…
I try many things… Guitar, paint, draw, doodle, and most of the time I go on my phone (like right now), I am terrible at all those things I do and I am not talented at all so that is why I don’t find enjoyment on those things… That is why I only use my phone all the timeeeee I am slowly killing myself because of my parents if you think about it.

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