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Rise of Crime with Pot Growers?

Rise of Crime with Pot Growers?

There has been a number of articles relating an increase in crime against growers/sellers of marijuana in the 15 states that have “decriminalized” it. Two of the articles attribute this to typical drug rivalries with gangs of Mexicans or Chinese mentioned. But are the data there?

Could DEA agents or local drug teams be staging these assaults to get the return this plant to illegal status? The article told that the proponents of decriminalization argue lower crime, but the law enforcement is proclaiming an large increase?

The police authorities have a vested interest to bust the growers since they once could obtain sums of money by forfeiture or seizure of criminal profits with little need of proof of guilt. Cities depended on these funds. A loss of such a large revenue stream would encourage many PD to look the other way in investigation. Does anyone see merit in requesting an investigation of this sort? The media is playing the increase crime in state of “legalization” to the hilt in still illegal states. FUD is being used during this political season.
There was an AP story.
A WSJ story but you’ll need to be a subscriber
and this NYT


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