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Sleep Aid Q&a

Sleep Aid Q&a

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my boyfirend have insomnia (sleeping disorder)? one of the reason u get insomnia is: stress. he only just got insomnia we haven’t argued in similar to a month… we are a real good couple. But he doesn’t own a father.. n a couple of nights ago he was explaining how his father treats him…¿Wich herb have the better effect to combat digestion problems?… for insomnia?… for fatigue? Data can be in english, espanish and portuges… THANK YOU! Marijuana is the best herb i know of for adjectives 3. There is an herbal supplement called Digestin that works amazingly for digestive problems. For insomnia, you may want to try…”Seroxat” as a motive for sleeping disorders? serve? hey, so basically, i’m taking “seroxat” daily cuz i hold ocd. i’ve been taking it for a few years, and i had profoundly of problems with sleeping for these past few years. so a few months ago i approved to stop taking the meds, and after…*eating disorder related* Can’t Breathe When Sleeping? I’m anorexic and my weight has be at its all time low (113lbs, puts my BMI at 16.2), I’ve been have problems sleeping. If I lie down I can’t breathe (not even through my mouth). It feels as if my throat swells or something. I be trying to…*insomnia* what do you do next to your time? Just asking because I’m waiting for an ambien shipment drifting in “fed ex land”. I know I should hold done it sooner. But if you can’t sleep, what are you up tp? I’m checking into to some year old James Blunt… Not alert enough to read,…1.5 miligrams of klonopin for insomnia? dr prescribed me this will it support? Yes it will, Klonopin is a great drug with little risk and side effects. Yes. It will help but the adjectives side effect of klonopin are drowsiness and dizziness. In fact, sleeping pills are one of…10 weeks pregnant w/back pains/insomnia/fatique, ?!? I am ten weeks pregnant and my back hurts really bad adjectives the time. Also I have the hardest time going to sleep at night, which within turn makes me extremely tired during the day. I stopped drinking and smoking more or less a week ago when…10 year feeble have insomnia, what to do? does not eat late at darkness, no caffeine, listens to ocean waves-sounds of moral fibre and this helps put to sleep but gets up 5-6 times per hours of darkness – just cannot stay asleep. Stable family environment/no problems. Any minister to with similar situation would be…100% Casein Protein, Optimum Nutrition, headache and insomnia? About a week ago I started taking Optimum Nutrition’s 100% Casein Protein about 20 minutes before bed. On most night, about five minutes after I take it, I experience a slight headache, a burst of vigour and am not able to sleep soundly until about 1.5…11 Year antiquated boy on Daytrana, and have insomnia? He is on 20mg, and I am removing the patch at 4 (right after school). He still is up all night long. have anyone else had this, and if so any secrets to getting some sleep? Why use that outrageously over priced patch,…12 year old-fashioned insomnia ? HELP! ok I think I might have insomnia I’m looking for signs of it. I own 6 of the 10 signs i found online. I go to bed at 9am and wake at 11am. I requirement a way to stop it. PLEASE!! any good suggestion gets as many points as…13 weeks pregnant and hold have a grisly armour of insomnia. Is this conventional? I am 13 weeks pregnant and i can’t sleep. Haven’t been able to for weeks. I generally get tired around 9pm and sleep until 11 pm and then i am up for most the dark. Its starting…13 years feeble near chronic insomnia? Hi, I’m 13 and I have CHRONIC insomnia. It used to be difficulty getting to sleep (usually delayed by about 4 or 5 hours) but in a minute I am waking after only 4 hours of sleep, not sufficiently expert to feel drowsy untill it is time to go…14 weeks pregnant and insomnia took its place again any suggestion? hi i m 14 weeks pregnant 3 months ago had a v bad time,but since i get pregnant i started to move on i was going resourcefully my sleep was good but tonite suddenly when my mom call and talked abt my past my…14 year feeble beside insomnia? my insomnia is crazy. sometimes ill go a darkness without sleeping at all! this have happened many times. i’ve have to miss vacations, even my own birthday, grades arent good when i dont sleep. I also enjoy restless leg syndrom so that makes it even harder to fall asleep. ive…15 and enjoy insomnia?!?!? ok well im almost 15 and i have wierd insomnia. i am PERFECTLY clean and watch what i eat. i try to excersise alot and try living a stress free life span. i just don’t know why i cant get to sleep. is it usual for teenagers to have trouble with…18 Year Old Boy With A Sleeping Disorder? I have a friend that is an 18 year outmoded male in college. He won’t agree to anyone sleep with him in like bed for a long period of time(over an hour or so). He won’t sleep somewhere where others will rouse up before him…18.3 weeks pregnant. insomnia? hello. i was worried because i havent been competent to sleep and ive been in a massive amount of stress. i know i should be relaxing and sleeping in good health but i was wondering if it can hurt the fetus. thank you everyone. Hi there, I be like that…try to…19 weeks pregnant insomnia anyone else? im only getting to sleep at 6.30am every day. Can i steal anything that wont harm the baby? Instead of taking medications, try these sleeping hygiene techniques first as they are much safer than medication. 1. Make your bedroom conducive for sleeping. Keep it night, cool and quiet….2:40 AM Eastern; I have need of insomnia nouns, dog. Anybody get relief? For you or the dog? when u find out, let me know, try long hot shower Hot bath. Otherwise, just stay awake–you’ll achieve tired about an hour before you hold to go to work 🙁 yes…stand at one…20 wks: Very Bad Cold, Insomnia, Painful leg cramps for hours,Strong Kicking how do I/You cope and not lose it? I am 20 weeks along and I just want to wake up hubby and cry but he only just got over this cold (and gave it to me) and it be so bad he hasn’t…22 weeks pregnant and insomnia+anxiety disorder plz read and relieve? hi all i m 22 weeks pregnant and have impossible insomnia i never was like that though i use to hold panic attacks which was flowing for mr to control but something happened in my natural life v bad which made me like this and…22weeks pregnant and horrific Insomnia, anyone else equal? Hiya, this is my first pregnancy and i’m needing some advice/help/please? I’m 22weeks pregnant and for the last few wks i’ve suffered frightful insomnia. Some nights i get 2-3hrs and others none! The closing time i got 8hrs was 4months ago!! I consistency like…27 weeks pregnant & own insomnia at darkness :(? Hi ladies. Im 27 weeks pregnant with my first baby & times past week I havent been able to sleep capably. Its not necessarily that Im uncomfortable or anything is hurting me…I just rouse up to go to the bathroom and then walk lay in bed…32 weeks and insomnia.? has anyone else had it?? it sucks exact i gotta go to school surrounded by the morning and then i feel tired adjectives day! is it normal at this stage to be awake unpunctually into the night and only win like 4 or 5 hours of sleep?? I barely slept…


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