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The Never-ending Growth of the Price Per Head Trend

The Never-ending Growth of the Price Per Head Trend

So, let´s face it. Sports are always dragging people into betting. Sports gambling tendencies get constantly renewed with different strategies for each person’s needs and preferences. There are thousands of Online Sportsbooks out there with different features and promotions. However, one of the most interesting sportsbook trends that have been developed is the Price Per Head concept, which has been gaining popularity through the years.

With so many options in the sportsbook betting industry, why are Price Per Head shops growing so fast?

Price Per Head (or PPH) changed the idea of small bettors that addressed their picks to a sports betting agent or Bookie. Everybody thought this kind of “underground” sports betting business was going down with the birth of online sports betting. How could the bookies in town reach the level of advantages offered by “post-up” online sportsbooks? They probably didn’t have all it took to build a nice online sportsbook by themselves, and their betting clients wanted to count on technology to make everything faster. It seemed it was the end of the familiar Bookies that everybody called to place their bets.

When PPH shops appeared on the market, they fixed the problem for sports betting agents. What a Pay Per Head shop does is to offer the agents the possibility to create an offshore sportsbook business through a Price Per Head software. This software provides the posibility to have some sort of online sports betting website for their clients to bet, without having to get rid of the Bookie.

So, where is the big difference between a Price Per Head sportsbook and a regular one? It is, of course, the sports betting agent. While any other sportsbook online would make bettors place their money against the company, with Price Per Head the Bookie is still in charge of dealing with the money won and lost by the players. Many people interested in online gambling prefer to stick to the bookie, who is usually a person they trust, instead of placing their money to play against a sportsbook they don’t really know. The magic on the Price Per Head concept is that they just provide the bookie software, giving the sports betting lines, making a Price Per Head call center available and taking the bets, but they don’t take money out of what the players are betting. The only profit received by the PPH shops is the amount that has to be paid by the agent for each client that places their bets.

When a player has a Pay Per Head agent in charge of his sports betting activity, at least he knows who he has to talk to if something goes wrong with his winnings. It’s the safest strategy when it comes to taking care of the betting money. And it doesn’t mean the bettor has to stick to the old-fashioned method of calling the bookie and hoping he reminds to write down the bets. And every single day, there are agents and players that seem to realize the benefits of this new sports betting trend.

Mathew Adkins is a 45 year old award winning author and sports insider. His interest in all sports has inspired him to write the most controversial and informative articles. As a sports lover he tries to catch live action no matter where he is at. 1-888-PPH-SHOP (1-888-774-7467), http://www.bookperhead.com

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