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Toronto (East Coast) OR Vancouver (West Coast)?

Toronto (East Coast) OR Vancouver (West Coast)?

Im currently in my second year of university (in the United States) my family lives in northern Pennsylvania and Cincinnati, Ohio. My political views are very LIBERAL and I have been looking to transfer and start a life in Canada. I just don’t know where to continue my studies.

My major is psychology/neuroscience and I’m looking to get into medical research in my latter years. (Note: I am an advocate and supporter of the use of Marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes) and this is where I’d like to hope to spend most my time researching (pharmaceuticals)

So my question is where would be the best place to get into the medical research field? I know University of Toronto is a great research center and I love Toronto and Montreal but I also like the West Coast living style. I also know Toronto and Montreal are very liberal basically socialist there I was just wondering about Vancouver more I know it’d be more expensive and harder to move there but whatever allows me to do my work, have a good quality of life, and help in the pursuit of legalizing marijuana.

I’m not looking for opinions on which city is better they are both great I’m just trying to live in a nice LIBERAL city (eg San Francisco)

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