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Valerian Root in herbal cigarette?

Valerian Root in herbal cigarette?

I am aware that Valerian Root’s active chemicals are too volatile to be smoked, but I’m wondering if adding a little near the filter/coil tip of a cigarette blended with other smokeable herbs (skullcap, dmania, kava kava, indan warrior, etc) would in effect “vaporize” the valerian’s psychoactive compounds as the hot air and smoke passed through it, at least until the ember got too close.

Would this be feasible or a total waste of time and Valerian?

Also, anything along the lines of ‘omg smoking is bad for you!11!” is going to be ignored. I am quite aware of the carcinogens inherent in ALL smoke, and the risks associated with this are mine to accept. Also, I’m already a marijuana law reform advocate so “just smoke pot lol” will also be ignored. I already do.

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