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What should we do with Marijuana clinic in California?

What should we do with Marijuana clinic in California?

California legalize medical marijuana. Its still illegal, but basically its a statement that California will not prosecute people who has medical reason to have marijuana. Now we have all these Marijuana clinics. Its so easy for drug abuser to get a prescription from them, that cable TV show, Weed, joked about it. A judge ruled that,the law on Marijiuana use is so vague, that he ruled any disease can be a legtimate reason for marijuana use. Despite people posting about a Federal crack down, I think they are joking since the clinics are all over the place. Should we ban marijuana use all together, because of the abuse. Increase penalty and police actions to punish the clinics who hide behind the sick to make a profit in drug trafficking. Increase regulation to restrict medical marijuana, to ensure that only certain medical condition are accepted as a legitimate for marijuana use, like how FDA regulate drugs. No pothead rantings please.

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