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These days, there are many types of synthetic turfs available. There is also a whole range of synthetic grass types to choose from when you make the decision to install synthetic grass on your property.

At National Greens, we dedicated to helping you find the very best solution for your home or business when it comes to turf. That’s why we work hard to supply you with as much information as possible about your products and we do our best to ensure that our services meet your needs 100%.

To provide the best service and help you find which of our synthetic turfs suits your needs, it is very important that we get to know your specific needs and preferences. After all, someone looking for artificial grass for their home, rental property, or kindercare business has needs entirely different from someone who is looking for turf for a commercial property, such as an office space, a community center, or a sports field. To ensure that everyone gets the right artificial turf solution for their project, we need to get to know a little bit about your space.

When you call us or email to secure our services, we will happily provide you with as much information as possible about the turfs that are best for you and your space. However, we also know that there are other companies out there who claim to be able to provide high quality products and services on a par with us. That’s why we’re offering you a sneak-preview, if you will, to show you a little bit about the different turfs we have available, and the advice we would provide you with should you come to us for assistance with your project.

First of all, we need to recognize that artificial greens have advanced significantly in recent history. That is, there are now many different types and many different applications for synthetic greens. Interestingly, synthetic grass was developed in the sports world, and in particular, in the golfing world, since the quality of grass is particularly crucial for golfers, even the smallest tuft out of place, the smallest blade out of place, can offset the work of even the most precise and talented golfer.

In fact, golf turfs are one of our specialties, primarily because the provision of golfing turfs demands precision and excellence both of the products and the services we provide. Synthetic turf needs to be very carefully installed to withstand a shot from 200 yards playing just as a natural green would. However, like most natural grass and turf types, maintaining a natural green at a golf course is expensive, especially if there is heavy usage. With synthetic greens, there’s no mowing, no pressing, no fertilizing, no weed killers, no patching. You don’t have to worry about flooding, freezing, or dying. The biggest thing you have to worry about, and even this is rare, is topping up the sand levels, which you can do yourself in a very short time, without even having to call a professional to check up on your work.

Perhaps the best things about National Greens and our artificial grass products, though, are the money and time saved. The money you save maintain a natural green lawn will more than cover the cost of installation in most cases – even when you are having us install synthetic grass in your home. And for all you true sports enthusiasts, particularly golfers, there’s the added benefit of being able to seriously improve your game from the comfort of your own home when you opt for artificial greens in your front or backyard. We can even install an artificial putting green inside your home!

Turf Types:

For that super natural grass feel and look, we offer Fresh Cut 67 and 107, which come with monofilament or dual-filament (67 versus 107), a polyethylene finish, sand filling, and urethane backing. If you’re looking for a very high quality natural feel, we also offer Classic 36, Realistic, Saw Grass, Turf Lawn 26, True Grass XL42, True Grass XL24, Sod Grass, and Classic 48, all of which offer varying degrees of the most natural finishes and feels available, plus high quality draining features in some cases, along with other additional safety features suitable for application in larger spaces.

We also offer a range of turfs that are especially designed to be durable for sporting activities, including the Iron Woods and Bump and Run designs, which are serviceable on golf courses for chipping, driving, and t-boxes; Player’s Choice, Plush One, Putt One, True Putt, All Sport, Sport Turf, True Putt, Special, T-Turf.

Jeremy Still is the owner of NationalGreens, a company that specializes in synthetic golf greens and articial lawn installation serving Little Rock, Arkansas area. Please visit www.nationalgreens.com to see our work.

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