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Whats so great about smoking pot?

Whats so great about smoking pot?

I’m not an anti smoker at all. I actually believe that it should be legal. However, I don’t understand whats so great about it myself. Simply because all of the times ive smoked it, Ive had bad experiences.

Ive been high about 5 times before. I don’t intend on trying it again but I must say as interesting of an experience as it was. It wasn’t a very comfortable one, The first time I got high was a little average. It lasted about a few hours, The second time I got high however. I smoked 3 entire blunts and I was so high that I was even stoned the next day after eating and sleeping for 8 full hours. The day after that the high started to finally wear off. No the pot wasn’t laced because I live in California and actually got it over the counter from the pharmacy. We had a prescription and a friend got it for me. I was with him. So there is no way it was laced.

My experiences with Marijuana were not ALL negative. However, I just didn’t like the paranoid feeling I had constantly. It was really bad, Where as I know we all agree Alcohol is not a healthy choice. However it does not do that to me. In fact ive been drunk about a hundred times before. Ive always returned to my normal self the very next morning with or without a hangover. Alcohol never makes me paranoid and actually does the opposite and puts me in a state of complete comfort. Thats my problem with Marijauana because it does the opposite for me. I was able to feel the relaxation in my body. But somehow my mind wouldn’t let me relax though. I also am not a big fan of everything in the world looking when you’re extremely stoned that its going in the opposite direction.

But like I said. I’m not an anti smoker. The reason I asked this question is to find out why people smoke if I didn’t enjoy it. Id like to know how others DO enjoy it. Thanks.

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