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Why do people want to legalize marijuana so bad?

Why do people want to legalize marijuana so bad?

Marijuana is probably the most dangerous drug out there. Probably on the same level as cocaine or meth i guess. It makes you lazy and dumb. Like we dont already have enough dumb people in our country. Marijuana is addictive and causes lung and brain cancer according to Above the Influence. It could cause death if too much is smoked. Why do people want to make the drug more avalible to children and adults. Were all gonna turn into lazy potheads. I say make laws on marijuana posscession even tougher (like a felony) so less people hurt themselves by doing it. Same thing with all other illegal drugs. And tobacco. But i think alcohol should be legal because it is safe compared to marijuana and is even mentioned as a good thing in the bible. Plus its been in our culture for 4,000 years.

As for weed I say keep it illegal and toughen the penilties. Why are advocates for legalization so naive?

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