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Why isn’t marijuana decriminalized yet?

Why isn’t marijuana decriminalized yet?

Tobacco, alcohol and caffeine are all legal. Physical dependence develops when using any of these three frequently. All three have been linked to health problems and deaths. Although caffeine is clearly the more benign of the 3 legal drugs, deaths can and have resulted because of stomach ulcers or irregular heartbeat due to long-term consumption. Meanwhile, marijuana is not physically addictive and has been shown in studies to even inhibit the growth of cancer cells:


Not to mention that legalizing marijuana would allow us to have hemp farms once again in the US. A whole new industry and jobs could be created with the legalization.

Decriminalizing marijuana would also be a great way to take the legs out from underneath illegal drug traffickers like the Mexican narcotraficos who are violent and will stop at nothing to make a profit. Legalizing marijuana would make the price plummet and make it a non-profitable business to engage in, limiting their options to other prohibited drugs.

The only argument against marijuana legalization is the fact that inhalation of smoke is not good for humans. However, if marijuana were legal, people would be able to buy more marijuana for less money and consume it orally in cakes, soups and teas without any need to inhale the smoke. People smoke it because they get more benefit from a smaller amount this way.

So again… why isn’t marijuana decriminalized yet?

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