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would pharmacies be the biggest drug dealer?

would pharmacies be the biggest drug dealer?

it’s illegal to use a natural herb(marijuana)for pain relief,but pharmacies take the poppy seed ,which is the same thing heroin is made of,and makes several levels of pain relievers.same for the coco plant.do you think ,in your opinion,that this is wrong ,and makes the government the biggest drug dealers ever?
why do you have to be”drug free” in order to learn?
your point isn’t valid.if the government can sell you a weaker form of heroin,because you need pain relief,why can’t you grow your own pain reliever?
my facts are perfectly fine my spelling or wording may be wrong ,but the point is valid.open your eyes and mind to the logic behind my statement
how many people are now hooked on and abusing and thieving for thier so called legitament prescribed drugs?in this way thier drug dealing is no better than any king pin sitting in prison for selling drugs
about 30-40 years ago are government was trying to stop the groth of the poppy plant,now we are the biggest importer”leagaly and illeagaly.???????????????????????????????
our government^
growth^^….P.S.it’s not because i smoke pot or anything as to why i can’t spell well or have poor grammar.i have always had this issue,and i have been sober for 20 months and stopped smoking herb recently too.only because of the laws and my desire to move forward in life.herb only held me back because of laws and how people view “pot heads”.but it is okay to use thier drugs because then they get paid?oh yeah and they can monitor who’s doing what when,so they try any way
and my opinion would be you work for some pharmasutical company and that’s why you would back such a double standard.it’s not leagal for us to grow our own(natural)pain killers,because the pharmacies would lose billions upon billions of dollars.they have no control over the black market and trust me there are millions hooked on these so called legal drugs and doing just as many bad things for them as they do for illeagal drugs.

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