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2 Must See European Destinations

2 Must See European Destinations

When planning your vacation through Europe, the always present question is what to visit. Although most people will go with the safe bet to visit the biggest cities in every country they tour, it isn’t always the best decision.Here are 2 choices that you won’t regret choosing:Amsterdam, HollandBeing the capital of the Netherlands, you’re almost sure to find whatever you desire – culture, entertainment, nightlife, food and even some pleasures that are forbidden in other countries.One of the best tips you’ll ever get for moving around Amsterdam is to rent a bike as soon as you get there. Amsterdam is the bike capital of the world, with a whopping 40% of all traffic being created by bicycles. You’ll be a lot happier and healthier just using a bike everywhere (besides, parking is very difficult and expensive anywhere in the city).Amsterdam attractions:Coffee shops (please note: I do not advise or encourage you to use drugs of any kind, legal or illegal! This information is supplied simply because coffee shops are an integral part of Amsterdam): in Amsterdam coffee shops are places where marijuana, or cannabis, is sold and smoked. Don’t confuse these with café shops, where coffee and tea is served. You can buy up to 5 grams of cannabis, as well as other accessories for smoking, as well as cakes, pastries and different beverages. Only a few coffee shops have a liquor license and agressive people (drunk or not) are not tolerated.Canals: seeing as a quarter of Amsterdam’s surface is made up of waterways, one of it’s nicknames is “The Venice Of The North”. The Canal Cruise is the most popular tourist attraction in the country, with some 3 million passengers every year. You can have a romantic candle light dinner, theatre shows and even dance parties on the vast array of boats. You can even rent your own boats, with 2 options: pedal boats or electric boats, both rented by the Canal Company.The Red Light District: there are a lot of rumors about the RLD, and depending on what you heard, it’s probably all true. But, just to be sure, you might want to visit it and form your own opinion. The brothels are not all that you can see in this charming 14th century part of the city – sex shops and interesting museums will give you a lot of sightseeing opportunities.Salzburg, AustriaWhen in Austria, you would be wise to not avoid visiting Salzburg. Although it’s best known for the making of “The Sound of Music”, you’ll find that there is a lot more to Salzburg than this.Salzburg attractions:Getreidegasse Street: this is the most visited street in all of Salzburg, and where you’ll find luxury boutiques next to fine restaurants, pizzerias, gift shops and even Mozart’s birth house, the Hagenauerhaus.The Festung (Fortress): without a doubt one of the first thing you’ll notice when you get to Salzburg will be the Fortress. It’s one of the most powerful fortifications in Europe, sitting on a peak watching over Salzburg and the Salzach river. The first castle was built in 1060 by Archbishop Eberhard, being continuoally expanded by his successors. It is now a museum where you can view different displays: puppets (yes, really), guns, medieval weaponry and luxury furniture. After visiting all this you really should visit the top platform and use the telescope to get a birds’ eye view of the city.The Salzburg Cathedral: one of the main landmarks of Salzburg, this is really a sight to be seen. If you have a bit of luck you can catch a small line of admission to get to the dome overlooking the surroundings, but if not you still can look at a 200 year old organ and incredible wall and ceiling paintings inside the cathedral. A quick tip if you can’t find your way: while standing in front Mozart’s birth house (facing it), take the first street to your left and then a second left and you’ll get to the Cathedral Square. If you’re in a romantic mood you might want to take a carriage ride from the rear of the cathedral.Hellbrunn Palace: it’s only a quick ten minute bike ride from Salzburg’s center, and it’s totally worth it! To be truthful, you can enjoy the full beauty of Hellbrunn you should visit it in the summer time. This small palace is beautiful, but most people enjoy the waterworks a lot more. These were built at the command of the Prince Archbishop of Salzburg, solely for his and his guests’ entertainment. Wells, fountains, ponds, grottos, they all combine to form a delightful experience, even if a little slippery…

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