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2009 Marijuana Project Summary

2009 Marijuana Project Summary

There has an ample amount of controversy over the last few months about the legalization of marijuana.  As bills, commercials, and publicity seem to sky rocket, the political view on marijuana are still skewed.  We have politicians vetoing bills because of faulty evidence from the 1970’s and other politicians being misled by alcohol and tobacco companies.  Who can they trust for the cold hard facts?

As I was relaxing one night after work, I discovered a documentary on marijuana and the studies done in the past against marijuana.  The facts are starting to surface, and it’s not looking so good for our government.  Several “reliable studies” have been contaminated over the years.  As we look back on the most popular study on brain cell loss we discover that the tests were conducted on chimps; not only did the scientists suffocate these animals, but they were starved as well during test cycles.  It’s hard to believe our government would go through this kind of process to mislead, and misinform their citizens.

As Rhode Island begins to talk about decriminalizing marijuana with a tax of 35$ an ounce, we notice governors like Linda Lingle vetoing Senate Bill 1058, which called on the legislature to merely study “issues relating to medical cannabis patients and current medical cannabis laws.” ([email protected])  Within minutes the marijuana community is bouncing back to overturn the veto, it’s time to be heard. As more and more people rally together to support this igniting cause, we learn more and more about our country. To veto a bill to study the positive effects of marijuana is criminal itself, it’s time to take a long hard look in the mirror Linda, and represent the people, not your narrow tunneled views.

Television ads have begun to appear in California thanks to Marijuana Policy Project and supporters.  Several channels in the area have refused to place the commercials online, but they’ve never had a problem with running faulty weight-loss and muscle building paid programs, or ridiculous product commercials.  KTLA-TV Channel 5 and KABC-TV Channel 7 in Los Angeles are a couple of the stations declining to show the ads. They claim it’s to hot of a topic to air, but it just seems like another curved encroachment of freedom of speech.  Marijuana legalization will continue to gain power and publicity, whether you are for or against, so you might as well take a long hard look at the positive effects of marijuana, financially and spiritually.

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