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5KT Kush MMJ Strain Review

5KT Kush MMJ Strain Review

NAME: 5KT Kush

SOURCE: CanniCorner.com

TYPE: Indica

PRICE: $45 per 1/8th

Golden State Patients Association

AROMA: Earthy coffee scent with a hint of oak. It’s very pungent, and the earthy kush smell presents the oak-like twist. It’s a great smelling strain. If you like kushes you will absolutely love the smell of this, and is something that needs to be smelled by kush fans.

TASTE: GREAT earthy flavor with the signature kush tang. It burned my nose with that classic soothing kush burn. The classic earthy kush flavor is very apparent, and oddly enough I can taste a bit of oak. It sounds strange, but the classic earthiness to this is so apparent I swear I can taste it.

5KT Kush Strain

5KT Kush Up Close and Personal from CanniCorner.com

LOOK: It’s really leafy, but as you can see they’re capped in opaque trichomes. (Pro tip: If you don’t like leaves, re-trim your buds and save the trim/stems. Make tea after you get 5 grams or more). It’s a very attractive, unique looking strain with an interesting nug structure, reminiscent of Golden State, but definitely doesn’t hit like Golden State.

EFFECTS: Heavy indica. It’s so heavy that it crept pressure into my eyes without realizing it, and made my eyelids heavy. Sound like a sativa? I thought so too until I realized it wasn’t just my eyes and eyelids. My entire body got heavy. Lifting my fingers to type this review is a chore! I love it. Great for pain relief, sleed aid, and appetite gain. Night time strain (do NOT drive after medicating on this).

The 5KT Kush is one of Grizzly Genetics signature strains. The 5KT, 2010, and Memphis Belle are tightly guarded secrets (trust me I’ve tried, and tried, and tried to get the genetics, to no avail). Grizzly Genetics are cannabis genies, so anytime any of their signature strains appear they won’t last long. Definitely something that has to be tried by all.


This review was written by CanniCorner.com 

Original article: http://www.cannicorner.com/2012/12/5kt-kush-unknown-grizzly-genetics.html

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