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$600000 Marijuana Bust in Princeton, KY

$600000 Marijuana Bust in Princeton, KY

PRINCETON, KY- Holding a short stack of snapshots, Assistant Police Chief Rocky Howton thumbs through pictures of a weekend bust. The photographs show not just marijuana plants but the Miracle Grow, fertilizer, and water hoses, Police say Bruce Stallins, 53, used to help the plants grow. Officer Abigail Tucker is the officer responsible for the bust. She wasn’t patrolling, she was on a break- visiting her granddaughter at the house next door. She peeked into the neighbor’s yard on Dawson Road and something caught her eye. “I thought maybe we had five plants,” she remembered thinking. The veteran officer took a closer look, turns out, there weren’t five plants, there were over five hundred. “I called my supervisor back and advised him what we really had and I think at that point everybody got a little excited,” she said. Shortly after seven on Saturday night, officers ended up seizing $6000 in cash, two guns, marijuana seeds, some packaged marijuana and 592 plants. The plants were just a few inches tall and Howton says they busted Stallins at just the right time. “He was getting ready to plant them in a field somewhere, then they’d be harvested, processed, and put back on the street,” he said. And while Tucker had to cut short that visit with her granddaughter, she says, it was well worth it. “I wouldn’t want that around my grandchildren, my children and I don’t think anyone else would either.” Bruce Stallins was booked in the Caldwell County Jail Saturday night. He bonded

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