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7 Reasons to Shop Online This Holiday Season

7 Reasons to Shop Online This Holiday Season

Some people love heading out to the malls and big box stores for an afternoon of bargain hunting, but if you are like me, I cringe at the thought. Fighting for a parking spot and waiting in line at the checkout are not my idea of a good time. Holiday shopping only amplifies my disdain for shopping malls and big box stores. I would much rather sit at home with my feet up and a hot cup of coffee and do all my shopping online. There are many reasons why people are turning to the internet for their holiday shopping, so as an avid online shopper I have created a list of what I think are seven convincing reasons you may want to consider staying at home and doing your shopping online this year.

7 Reasons to Shop Online:

1. Avoid the lines. As you might have already guessed, this is my number one reason for shopping online. Avoiding the lines is not just about avoiding people, it is about saving time, and shopping when it is convenient for you. Instead of running out to the mall on a Thursday night, head home, have dinner with your family, and then after you put the kids to bed, hop online and do a little shopping.

2. Better selection. There is nothing worse than coming up with the perfect gift idea, and then showing up at a store only to find that the item is out of stock, the wrong size or the wrong color. When shopping online you have a much better chance of finding the exact gift you want. And large online retailers like Amazon.com can offer way more CDs and DVDs than even the largest Wal-mart could ever dream of carrying.

3. Save money on gas. This may seem insignificant, but with the price of gas these days, every time you hop in the car it cost you a dollar or two. And I don’t know about you, but when I’m out shopping I always end up stopping for a coffee, grabbing a quick snack, and buying a few thing I don’t really need. More often than not, a trip for a $30 gift can end up costing you $100.

4. No sales tax. Many people don’t know this, but most online retailers don’t charge any sales tax. Technically people are supposed to be responsible for remitting any unpaid sales tax from their online purchases directly to their state, but until the government decides to do something about this, your online purchases will remain virtually tax free.

5. Comparison shopping. Once you have found the perfect gift, don’t just hit that buy button. There are many internet retailers, selling the exact same products all competing for your hard earned money. Do a Google search or check out some of the comparison shopping sites, and you might be surprised at the price you will find.

6. Free shipping. Studies have shown that people are 60% more likely to shop online with a retailer that offers free shipping than one that does not. The good news for us consumers, is that the majority of online retailers are listening. Over 75% of online retailers say that they will be offering free shipping this holiday season.

7. Coupon Codes. Electronic coupon codes are a great way to save money when shopping online. Before you buy anything online, do a quick search to see if there are any coupon codes available for the specific product or retailer you are looking for. Coupon codes are gaining popularity with both consumers and retailers, and they are an easy way to save 5% – 10% off your online purchases.

Before you begin your online shopping experience, here are a few words of advice to make sure all your holiday shopping is safe and secure. Shopping at bigger and well known retailers is usually a better idea than shopping at a small web site you have never heard of before. When you are at a web site’s checkout page the “http” in the URL should change to “https” and you should also see a closed padlock on your web browser, this will ensure that your personal information will be secure. The safest way to shop online is with your credit card. Most credit card companies have protection plans, so if you need to resolve a dispute, or if you think someone tried to rip you off, your credit card company will refund your money. Best wishes, and may your online holiday shopping be safe, secure, and fun.

Nial McFadyen is an experienced internet marketer who helps shoppers save money when shopping online with free coupons and coupon codes. For free coupons and coupon codes for hundreds of online retailers visit http://www.couponsforeveryone.com.

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