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AAA Headband MMJ Strain Review

AAA Headband MMJ Strain Review

Name: AAA Headband

SOURCE: CanniCorner.com

TYPE: Hybrid

PRICE: $55 per 1/8th

Loompa Farms
Ricochet Gallery Collective


AROMA: The scent of this strain is very similar to the Underdog OG. “Clean” lemon zest aroma with a hint of skunk, there is also a subtle pine undertone that is only apparent after a deep inhale. It isn’t that pungent, but is still quite aromatic and pleasant. It is NOT 707 Headband, so the aroma is not the same as the crosses are different. All in all it is a great smelling strain that is lacking only a little bit of pungency.

TASTE: A hefty lemon zest flavor hits the taste buds right away followed by a heavy pine essence. The pine overpowers the lemon zest after a few seconds, and fill the lungs quickly. The skunk initially takes a back seat in the flavor, but then becomes stronger in the aftertaste. There is a soothing burn in the nostrils, and decent lung expansion which causes a little bit of coughing. The flavor is stronger than the aroma suggests with the earthy pine being the strongest characteristic.

AAA headband strain cannicorner

AAA Headband Strain Up Close and Personal from CanniCorner.com

LOOK: Swollen light green nugs in a tight tear drop formation, the sugar leaves are a tiny bit long but nothing to complain about. The dark copper colored hairs peak out of the fat and swollen calyxes. The trichomes on this batch aren’t as amber as other strains from Loompa Farms, but they are still all opaque and cloudy. The fact that they aren’t amber give this strain a very frosty look, which actually gives it an attractive appearance. There are very few clear caps, so the trichomes still indicate a well timed pull. It’s definitely an attractive strain.

EFFECTS: Great balanced hybrid with a moderately timed onset. This AAA has an interesting sativa kick that puts one into a carefree and euphoric state with slight pressure on the eyes and forehead. The carefree feeling extends to the body as the indica side loosens the muscles and relieves pain with a relaxing, soothing sensation. Surprisingly the intensity of the effects continued to rise and peaked at a high level long after it was consumed, but was not “too” intense. Good medicinal values to the strain, as it is good for stress relief, appetite gain, pain relief, and relaxation. Good midday to nighttime strain.

This AAA Headband, I was told, was grown by an associate grower, but not Loompa himself. Loompa Farms is a collective of boutique, quality growers, but all strains must have Loompa’s own stamp of approval to be labeled Loompa Farms. I understand why this AAA Headband was given approval, as it is a potent strain that is grown well.

Overall, here are my final reviews:

AAA headband marijuana strain ratings

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