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Advice on How to Quit Marijuana: Avoiding Roadblocks – Part Two

Advice on How to Quit Marijuana: Avoiding Roadblocks – Part Two

In part one we discussed how problems in our life can present what may seem like barriers that we cannot overcome and force many people to turn around and give up on their attempt to quit smoking pot. This advice on how to quit marijuana will continue on with some common and not so common examples of how former pot smokers have handled these situations.

Social obstacles Many marijuana addicts are social smokers as well as on their own and many have a culture that is based around smoking pot and all their friends do and often their families too. Recently I heard of a girl who was stressed out because all of her close friends smoked pot but she really wanted to stop and felt that if she revealed this to her friends there would be social consequences. This may have been understandable but the stress and anxiety over losing her friends nearly broke her resolve until she was advised to look at the issue a little closer and found that the problem in her mind had become a lot bigger than it really was. By simply talking to her friends about how she felt it was best for her without judging her friends she found that most actually supported her and some decided to join her in her efforts! This was a classic example of a speed hump where the obstacle only seemed impassable and became smaller only when she had the courage to go over it.

Family Obstacle Sometimes a social problem is not as easy to overcome however as another common problem is when your family all smoke and you cannot move out, and even worse they do NOT support your efforts to quit. A lack of freedom and space can make if very hard and if you can not change those around you and receive no support the stress can be very high and drive you back to smoking as it can be too hard not too. This is more a of a road block as you are caught between a rock and a hard place and it feels like there is no solution. In these times you have to be a little more creative and find a new way, the individual in question here fond a way forward by realizing that the roadblock that was his living conditions and addicted family was the only reason he kept smoking, not only this but a fairly abusive relationship with his father was sapping his will and all this stress and anxiety simply meant it was easier to smoke and fall into line even though he knew it was destroying his chances at a better life. The solution … to move out despite the horrendous difficulties this posed. It was a new path, a rocky path but it was this or return to the same problem. I head from this guy a few months later and now that he had quit smoking he had moved into a clean share house and while money was tight the benefits of being free was worth the hardship. This may not be possible for everyone but it shows how a rougher path can sometimes be the only way forward if you identify the crucial base problems for your continuing dependence on smoking weed.

Masking Problems Another reason some people continue to smoke weed is that it is a way to mask another problem such as depression, anxiety or even rage and psychosis. Some feel that the effects of marijuana help them cope with these conditions but know that they need to quit, and then fall back to smoking because they feel they cannot handle whatever other problems they have. With this in mind the roadblock is the other condition they suffer from that stops them moving forward but the problem most face is that they think this other problem is unsolvable and often use it as an excuse to continue smoking because masking their problems is easier than fixing them. The answer? Treating the underlying problem of course! If this means going to therapy or buying medication designed to specifically deal with brain chemical imbalances then so be it but only by removing this roadblock will you ever move forward.

In the end all of these problems are about analysis, honesty and a motivation to do things other than just stopping smoking which is sometimes the easiest bit. By finding a path you can follow these stressful difficulties can be avoided and overcome making the road to find out how to quit marijuana that much easier, better and lasting too!

For more advice from someone who has been there and done that and knows the real reasons why people find it hard to quit click below to find out more.



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