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African Jewelry

African Jewelry

The jewelry comes from Africa is one of the most beautiful handmade jewelry Cowrie and hemp in the world. Characterized by beautiful carved details and intricate patterns in precious metals, jewelry reflects the African cultural birthright of African people and a deep sense of wonder at nature. This simple but stylish jewelry is often with a variety of authentic amber beads, accentuated by an astonishing really exotic, elegance and quality. With skill developed over the centuries, rings, necklaces, Cowrie and Hemp, earrings, bracelets and other accessories are carefully crafted to make Africa the focus of the world as a fashion jewelry industry has developed. Young generation of girls, not just boys loved African jewelry very much. Even a few strategically placed African cowries in a necklace or bracelet to add immense interest and excitement. In a recent online shopping trip, to look specifically for the finest examples of this art form Africanize, I came across a few exceptional sites with beautiful African jewelry. For who loves African jewelry, I recommend visiting the following: Treasure jewelry at www. treasurejewelry. com has a wonderful selection of products imported from Africa, here are a few of the most popular African jewelry: Assorted items cowry This is the spirit of assorted hemp and cowrie shell necklace blowing set available with astonishing truth of the design. Assorted Assorted Cuffs These cuffs with unique style by itself comes in pack of 12 pieces. Everyone is the best design element. You get assortment of silver 3Tone, brass and rock bands and patterns can vary a bit. . . . . Cowrie necklace with floral design and red glass beadsThis adorable necklace has been hand from many small cowrie shells in a star shape that is complex and braided together set on a beautiful glass seed beads 2mm hand.

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