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Agents find marijuana farm in NE New Mexico

Agents find marijuana farm in NE New Mexico

it’s been the site of a huge marijuana growing operation for years … but now the new mexico pot farm has been taken down by the feds. the dea says the farm was so aborate — minute thumbnail 10:01 pm growers had built caves and make- shift homes at the site. eric kahnert is here with an exclusive look at the bust.. the dea got a tip that there was a marijuana grow near tucumcari … when they checked it out, they found 350 marijuana plants. the feds say the pot was just about ready to be cultivated … and could have been on its way to albuquerque. estimated street value: 2 million dollars. it’s sort of like a cabin — out in the wilderness — complete with a propane stove in the kitchen. here, in the living room, is where the problem lies: that green plant is no center piece. 5:07 “they had running water from a mountain spring out there, they had grills, and barbecue grills, stoves, food, tents, and little cave dwellings and such.-10” the feds got a tip the marijuana growing operation was located 20 miles north of tucumcari … so last friday they made their move with the help of national guard helicopters. 2:17 “as the helicopters moved in we did note a minute thumbnail 10:02 pm couple of people running from the area.-4” while they didn’t catch any of the pot-growers .. they did find 350 full grown marijuana plants — ready to be cut down and sold on the streets for millions. 4:54 “i would say people were living there the past 3, 4 months, during the growing season

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