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All about Spice Gold

All about Spice Gold

Spice Gold is the drug which is replacing marijuana these days. The popularity of Spice Gold is increasing day by day. But most of the Spice Gold users are in confusion that how to use Spice Gold, what is the significance of Spice Gold, what are the ingredients in Spice Gold etc… The details about Spice gold are as follows –Meaning of Spice Gold- Spice Gold is the mixture of herbal smoking. It is herbal and nicotine free that is why it is legal. Spice Gold wholesale is sold though internet and the in the most leading spice gold wholesale shops. Lots of controversies are coming up with its advantages and disadvantages. Concerns- Although Spice Gold is safe as it’s a herbal mixture but still some European countries wants to ban Spice Gold as according to them spice gold is consists of some synthetic substances. They claim that Spice Gold is same as other cannabis (marijuana, hemp, and hashish). But it’s legal highs in most of the countries including United States. Flavoring and Spices- Spice gold is consists of blue lotus, baybean, lion’s tail, dwarf scullcap, Indian warrior, pink lotus, maconha brava, Siberian motherwort, honey and vanilla. These are the herbs which are used like aphrodisiacs, visionary aids, sedatives, relaxants and for spiritual feelings.

In the year 2006 batches were apprehended in New Jersey and Sweden, where they believe that spice gold contains toxic substances, but no illegal substance found in the analysis, so spice gold drug is legal highs


Spice Gold comes in the market with small well sealed pouches which contain approx. 3grams Spice Gold.

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