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Any suggestions for my zombie deck?

Any suggestions for my zombie deck?

zombie deck: 43

Monster Cards: 18
3x Zombie Master
3x Bone Crusher
3x Pyramid Turtle
2x Goblin Zombie
2x Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon
2x Il Blud
1x Red Ogre
1x Mezuki
1x Spirit Reaper

Spell Cards: 15
2x Call of the Mummy
2x Tribute to the Doomed
2x Zombie World
2x Book of Life
2x Lightning Vortex
1x Card of Safe Return
1x Monster Reborn
1x Heavy Storm
1x Monster Reincarnation
1x Pot of Avarice

Trap Cards: 10
3x Karma Cut
2x Scrap-Iron Scarecrow
2x Coffin Seller
1x Zoma the Spirit
1x Dust Tornado
1x Torrential Tribute

Suggestions on cards to swap out?
Snatch Steal, and Tribe-infecting Virus are both banned, actually. (I play advance, rather than traditional).

Other than that, I’ve found wiping their monsters (Karma cut, tribute to the doomed, Lightning Vortex) works better than trying to take control of them. Especially since I run a swarm style zombie deck anyway.

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