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Are you glad Proposition 1 passed in Michigan?

Are you glad Proposition 1 passed in Michigan?

I voted yes for many reasons to legalize medical marijuana, these are just a few. Do you think it is a good idea or a bad idea? Weigh in with the pros and cons to accentuate your points please.

The U.S.A demonizes an organic plant (marijuana), yet advocates the use of alcohol, synthetic drugs such as vicoden, oxycontin, paxil, and many other mind altering drugs. I just don’t understand the logic in that. It makes no sense. PROHIBITION NEVER WORKS AS WELL AS DE-CRIMINALIZATION. 50% of Americas prisons house NON VIOLENT DRUG USERS!!! Want to help fix the economy? Stop demonizing a stupid plant.

One Mothers account

My darling daughter, Caprice, lost her battle against cancer this July. She graduated from college in December, was diagnosed with T cell lymphoma in March, and four months later her suffering was over.

Three years ago, my 72-year-old mother, Phyllis O’Grady, lost her battle against endometrial cancer.

It is heart-wrenching to watch our loved ones suffer. As caretakers, we yearn to do everything in our power to stop their pain and increase their odds of recovery.

Cancer patients develop an aversion to food. Chemotherapy decreases their appetites, causes nausea, and weakens their immune systems. It is a catch-22. Cancer sufferers need nourishment, yet eating becomes an ordeal.

Marijuana, unlike narcotics and other medications, has minimal side effects and major benefits. It increases appetites, reduces nausea, eases muscle pain, reduces stress, and allows patients to get much-needed rest and relief from their symptoms. It also is non-addictive.

I wish my daughter and my mother would have had legal access to this option. Our loved ones deserve all the comfort and compassion we can provide throughout their very difficult — and very painful — journeys.

Robin O’Grady
Clarkston, Michigan

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